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What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO are techniques and methods of optimizing websites that are approved and even recommended by search engines. Each search engine defines its own set of rules regarding website optimization and SEO.

Since the bulk of search market belongs to Google, we will describe website SEO methods that are accepted by Google.

White Hat SEO includes:

  1. Writing clean code
  2. Creating interesting and relevant content
  3. Moderate use of right keywords throughout all content and page tags
  4. Preparation of a well defined internal link structure
  5. Offering interactive web services on the page (eg. online dictionary)
  6. Exploiting possibilites offered by "Blended Search" (eg. utilizing film clips on youtube, or images/photos etc.)
  7. Continuous addition of new, entertaining and informative content to the site

Following the above rules can help you significantly raise your website's position in search engines for relevant keyterms.

SEO Magma follows only White Hat SEO practices

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