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Website Testing

What are the advantages of testing websites?

All websites can be improved. All websites can be made to achieve more.

While on the surface raising web visits by 3%, or conversion rates by 2.5% may not seem impressive, however if your website generates 3 mln hits per month, or you convert 1,000 users, then thanks to such small changes you can reach 90,000 more visitors or convert 25 extra clients.

Not too bad, especially if all it took were just a few, simple modifications.

Use SEO Magma to test your website

SEO Magma has years of experience in running website tests that help improve underperforming on-site elements.

Our website tests help:

SEO Magma helps examine your website

Use SEO Magma consulting. Ask for a free quote - we will develop measurable tests for your website to help improve its ability to sell.

Want to learn more about improving your website's position in search engines? Read how to position websites.

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