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Professional website positioning services

SEO Magma offers professional website positioning services that help raise your site's rank in search engines.

Our SEO and website positioning services help you:

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Proper website positioning in search engines

How does SEO (search engine optimization) and website positioning work?

While website optimization deals with on-site procedures, SEO and website positioning primarily focus on external efforts to make your site easily accessible to web users via search engines like Google.

SEO's (synonym: website positioning) goal is to position a website into top search engine results for that site's relevant keyterms. Having reached top positions in SERPs (search engine result pages), you can attract a significant portion of all internauts that search for products/services like yours, using specific keywords and phrases. In effect, SEO helps you reach new clients, drive sales and possibly increase traffic conversion.

When you start focusing your efforts on SEO, remember to:

SEO will help you attract new clients, users and traffic to your site and in doing that your sales will grow, but...

SEO isn't everything

With a well optimized site and high SERP positions you will manage to attract a lot of traffic, traffic that will in turn increase your sales. However, oftentimes the sales-traffic proportion remains constant no matter how much more traffic you attract (e.g. only 10% of all visitors go on to purchase/convert).

You might think that this result is great in of itself as SEO helped you raise your traffic rates by 50%, thereby dramatically increasing your sales as well. But, consider the extra sales you could have, had you only increased conversion proportions from 10% of all visits to 20% of all visits.

If you want to raise traffic and web sales, as well as incrase your conversion rates, remember to perform website tests, create persuasive content and clear sales funnels/paths.

Once you gain high search engine placement, it may prove useful to consider how to test your website in order to increase its potential - conversion rates. SEO will bring in visitors, but it is your page and content that will be directly responsible for encuraging them to buy.

You positioned your website and are wondering what to do now? Find out how to improve its conversion by website testing.

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