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Optimizing your website

How does website optimization work?

Website optimization and search engine optimization revolve around:

Remember that when optimizing a website you should dedicate some time to improving its layout, design and typography consistency. All these elements are important from the viewer's perspective and can help you keep him absorbed in your site's offer, or can discourage him from reading further.

If you ignore these points, then all of your search engine optimization work and high search engine positions will prove futile. Web users will find and enter your site, but its chaotic or insensible layout/design will confuse them and force them to immediately click out and head off to your competition.

Remember: to enter a page, and to exit it, requires only a click of a mouse.

Website positioning can help you attract internauts (clients) to your site. But to keep them interested in your offer you need to have persuasive content, an easy to follow navigation & layout and an attractive, clean, design.

We recommend that you read "What to consider when optimizing websites" if your site has difficulty keeping web visitors absorbed.

If you are ready to begin search engine optimization, start by reading How to position websites.

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