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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat SEO are techniques and methods of optimizing websites that are banned by search engines. While some 'SEO specialists' and webmasters use Black Hat SEO unintentionally (from ignorance), others use Black Hat SEO believing that they will outsmart search engines by flying under the radar.

However, when a search engine re-indexes its results, it tends to automatically scan websites. Once it notices a page that employs Black Hat SEO techniques, it will immediately ban that site from its search results and from its index as a whole.

Once a site is banned (sandboxed) it will no longer show up in any searches until it has got rid of bad optimization elements, apologized, and waited its due (sometimes months) for reinclusion. If the penalty was significant, a site may be banned indefinitely.

You will recognize Black Hat SEO by the following 5 elements:

  1. pages without content other than tens, or hundreds of keywords
  2. page with limited content stuffed with an excessive amount of keywords (eg. more than 30% of the content is keywords)
  3. pages that have a column full of content, but house another column/s stuffed with keywords to its side
  4. pages, where above or below the content, there's a list of keywords stuffed with font often being tiny or in the color of the background marking it invisible to the reader (you can see the keywords by highlighting all text)
  5. page that automatically redirects to another page upon entering it (cloaking pages)

Some of these techniques can prove to be temporarily effective. But, just as we pointed out above, once a search engine notices that these practices are in place, it will ban the site from all of its results. Risks outweigh any real benefits.

SEO Magma follows only proper White Hat SEO processes

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