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If you're searching for experienced consultants or advisors to support your: SEO, SEM, website optimization and website testing projects - then contact us today.

Hire SEO Magma to help you create SEO & SEM campaigns that increase sales.

  • Do you have little traffic coming to your site?
    We will help you attract visitors from day one.
  • Does only a fraction of your traffic actually buy from you?
    We will help you double (or more) your sales conversion.
  • Want to reach higher positions in Google or other search engines?
    SEO Magma will help you optimize your site and reach top positions in Google.

How did the idea for SEO Magma come about?

SEO Magma was created in an effort to help all those interested in SEO and SEM understand what is needed to effectively optimize and position their websites, and how SEO and SEM can support sales and marketing strategies.

The premise is simple; to share as much relevant information, provide specific examples and ideas, answer all potential questions related to SEO and describe all the processess, so that anyone can feel confident in making the appropriate decision whether to run SEO/SEM inhouse, or outsource all such work.

Who came up with this brilliant idea?

SEO Magma was created by Michael J. Malik who has over 5 years of experience in managing SEO/SEM campaigns, website optimization, website positioning, website testing and building SEM campaigns based on AdWords. Beyond his experience in SEO, Michael's profile includes experience in marketing management, copywriting, advertising as well as building marketing and sales departments from scratch - always focusing on increasing sales by using proven e-marketing techniques.

Michael J. Malik grew up and worked in Chicago, attending SAIC - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying "Art and Advertisement" and finishing his degree at DePaul University in Chicago majoring in "Business Management and Administration". In the first half 2000's he moved to Europe managing marketing and sales departments for B2B companies.

If you are interested in SEO Magma's consulting services, or have a website but don't have the time to manage all SEO/SEM efforts inhouse, then contact us today!

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